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Building Human Firewalls

Blue Phish empowers, motivates and nudges employees to change their online behaviour by engaging them with an awareness of Cyber Security best practices. Our online and offline training programs are localised with relatable stories that encourage better cyber hygiene.

Online Training

Our eLearning platform has 3-5 minutes micro modules with simplified content available in all major languages enabling companies to reduce their cyber risk and meet compliance standards.


We have highly interactive tabletop scenarios customised for each client incorporating their policies and procedures. Tabletop workshops like ‘Murder’ Mystrery’ are fun and engaging

Phishing Simulation

We carry out mock phishing simulation to all users to assess the cyber maturity of the company. We also offer short training modules linked to phishing simulation.

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Securing Your Identity in this Digital Age!

During our webinar hosted by the National Library Board, Blue Phish promised that we will share our resources and links with our participants. So here it is!

We hope you enjoy the blog post that we have put together for you. Do share them with your family and friends if you find them helpful. Enjoy!

May 2020

Webinar: How to Secure Your Identity in The Digital Age.

We all share a whole lot of information online in today’s digital age. But hold on a moment, did you know that $4 billion data records have been stolen?  Join Shaily Shah on 20th May 2020 at 3-4pm as she shares how to keep your digital identity safe online.

May 2020


Business Insider reported that by the end of 2019, a total of S$1.28 million in fines had been issued. A further investigation highlighted that 80% of the 90 organisations breached one of the obligations under PDPA. Could that be you?

May 2020

ZOOM-ing In

Video-conferencing is the buzzword in every household today. With remote working conditions expected to stay, how should you protect you and your team when using video-conferencing applications?

April 2020

An Info-demic?

“We’re not just fighting an epidemic; we’re fighting an infodemic” – Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus . Most individuals turn to the Internet as the medium to seek for news or better understand the complexities of the virus. Unfortunately, the Internet space is infected with misinformation and an indistinct disregard for credible news versus fake news. What can we do?

March 2020

Humans vs Virus.

With social distancing recommended as one of the measures in tackling the virus , many corporations have seen their team working remotely almost overnight. In today’s special, we will be addressing 4 key takeaways for our readers to raise their cyber hygiene against the cyber ‘virus’.

March 2020

Working From Home ?

With WHO reporting that COVID-19 has become a full-blown pandemic and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong saying that COVID-19 will ‘continue for a year or longer‘, we understand if you are fretting over what measures you should be taking to ensure security for your company’s data. Read our blog to find out 5 tips on how to keep data secure, even when working from home.

March 2020

Chain Messages.

In this digitised age, our increased exposure to the Internet has made us more vulnerable to all sorts of information – some of which is fake, circulated in the form of chain messages. What is a chain message? What are the different types of chain messages? And, How do we avoid such chain messages?

February 2020

Workplace Practices.

In today’s war against cybersecurity, no organisation is safe from around the clock cyberattacks. What exactly are some common workplace practices that we can introduce to our organisation?Why is it necessary in today’s digital age? And of course, what can I do as an individual?

February 2020

Online Safety Practices.

Blue Phish believes that no company is too small to be affected by a cyber breach. Let us explore the six different cyber hygiene practices suggested by the Cyber Security Agency (CSA).

November 2019

Christmas = Fun?

Merry Christmas from Blue Phish! We bring you Christmas special this holiday season. This is the season with huge throngs of shoppers online. But, beware of holiday phishing messages that brings you shopping offers or too amazing deals. We put together four different tips for you to have a #cybersafe holiday season!