Online Safety Practices.

Online Safety Practices

Increasingly, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are being attacked and used as conduits to attack larger companies, organisations or even governments. Business risks arising from cyber incidents are wide ranging – from lawsuits and regulatory penalties due to theft of sensitive information, to loss of customer trust and damage to company reputations.

In order to simplify how companies, especially SMEs, can defend themselves, CSA has identified six essentials to help companies enhance their cyber defence capabilities and digital risk management.

No organisation is freed from the threat of around-the-clock cyberattacks. Understand the threats your company faces with this short video.

These little tips and know hows on ways for organisations to better protect themselves against the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber-attacks are important. Below is a poster extracted from CSA’s Be Safe Online Handbook.

In addition to the six essentials of workplace security, CSA’s Handbook also spells out 13 integrated cybersecurity measures to arm organisations with simple and easy tools to implement in their daily operations.

Security is everyone’s responsibility, not just IT’s or the government. How people understand those responsibilities is a key component to establishing a successful security culture.

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