Christmas = Fun?

Merry Christmas from Blue Phish! We bring you Christmas special this holiday season. This is the season with huge throngs of shoppers online. But, beware of holiday phishing messages that brings you shopping offers or too amazing deals. We put together four different tips for you to have a #cybersafe holiday season!

Unfortunately, Financial Times reported that credit card fraudsters do not only become active during the Christmas season. With the rise in lucrative transactions happening during peak shopping periods (Black Friday, Single’s Day and etc.), cyber resilience has to be present at all fronts.

One of these attacks reported include distributed denial-of service (DDos) attacks that occur when hackers overload commence channels and supply chain with fake orders. Now you know its not Santa’s fault when your Christmas stocking is empty.

As a Christmas gift to your loved ones, why not share the love of how to be #cybersafe during this Christmas period by sharing with them these tips!

Have a jolly good Christmas, folks!

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