Working From Home?

Working From Home ?

With WHO reporting that COVID-19 has become a full-blown pandemic and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong saying that COVID-19 will ‘continue for a year or longer‘, we understand if you are fretting over what measures you should be taking to ensure security for your company’s data. Read our blog to find out 5 tips on how to keep data secure, even when working from home.

So what should we exactly be doing to ensure that safety is not compromised when working from home? Below is an infographic that Blue Phish has come up with that you can share with your team and employees.

Fig 1: 5 Tips that employees can engage with while working from home.


A report by Ray Walsh from ProPrivacy provides advices for employees on how to better work effectively from home. Below is a summarised list version on what employees should look out for:

  • Having a secure password manager to ensure that employees do not transmit passwords between themselves while at home. The passing of passwords around in plain text can possibly lead to multiple hacking incidents.
  • Having a strong and unique password may be a no-brainer but loads of employees are using simple password for convenience. A strong password will make it much difficult for hackers to access your network.

NakedSecurity by SOPHOS

One thing that is particularly relevant in this report by NakedSecurity is “Making Sure that employees have somewhere to report security issues“.

Remember that a lot of cyberattacks succeed because the crooks try over and over again until one user makes an innocent mistake – so if the first person to see a new threat has somewhere to report it where they won’t be judged or criticised, they will end up helping everyone else.

That is all for today. Cyber hygiene is not build overnight. We all have a part to improve our cyber resilience.

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