Humans Vs Virus.

Humans Vs Virus.

With the coronavirus sweeping the world by storm, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has recommended social distancing as one of the measures to contain the spread of the virus. Many corporations have seen their teams working remotely almost overnight. But is your team ready to tackle the cyber threat ‘virus’ that they will face in the cyberspace?

Panic and anxiety may be the emotions that you are feeling right now. And that is natural, amidst the unfolding of the coronavirus outbreak. But these are also the emotions that cybercriminals capitalise on to gain access to your credentials and sensitive information.

Data Breach Today recently reported that many cyber criminals are impersonating large international organisations akin to CDC (U.S. Center for Disease Control) and WHO to pressure would-be victims into making poor decisions. These emails often claim to be collecting health information from would-be victims to conduct Incident Management Response System around their district, while covertly weaving in malicious links and attachments for unsuspecting victims to click on. In light of this, WHO has come up with a list of guidelines to raise awareness on the presence of phishing scams.

In light of the increase in phishing incidents revolving around the panic on COVID-19, Blue Phish has put together 4 tips to ‘Identifying Phishing Emails’. As countries around the world are pulling in resources to tackle the virus, check out Blue Phish Founder and CEO, Shaily Shah, take on the coronavirus crisis.

Working from home should not be a compromise. These are trying times and we hope these nuggets of advice enable you and your team to make better decisions.

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