Chain Messages.

Chain Messages

In this digitised age, our increased exposure to the Internet has made us more vulnerable to all sorts of information – some of which is fake, circulated in the form of chain messages. What is a chain message? What are the different types of chain messages? And, How do we avoid such chain messages?

Chain messages come in different forms. We put together four different types of chain messages that most users fell prey to.

Facebook Scam

Forbes reported that there has been an increase in the number of scam messages spread online. These throngs of messages are driven by users in a fanatic rush to inform others on privacy and data. Well, its all good intentions until you realise it is a scam. Protect yourself with these few tips below:

  • Do not trust messages with missing words, poor grammar and incorrect capital letters.
  • Do not trust messages with “court cases” or “litigation against you”.

We hope you have a better understanding about chain messages. Protect your loved ones by sharing these information with them today!

Cyber hygiene is not build overnight. We all have a part to improve our cyber resilience. Let us un-chain these messages.

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