PDPA Key Takeaways

PDPA Key Takeaways

Business Insider reported that by the end of 2019, a total of S$1.28 million in fines had been issued. A further investigation highlighted that 80% of the 90 organisations breached one of the obligations under the Personal Data Protection Act.

The highest record found that organisations were largely falling into the pitfall of breaching the ‘Protection Obligation’. A personal obligation refers to the reasonable security measures that an organisation is expected to take to protect personal data that is in its possession or under its control.

Of course, like all trying times, these PDPA obligations are there to test your organisations’ defence security in protecting your clients’ data. A study by Today Singapore found that breaches in protection obligation occurred mostly due to negligence or employee error, rather than malicious activity, which made up only about 15 per cent of enforcement cases.

Against this staggering backdrop, it has become mandatory for all HR Managers, Administrators, Executives and Data Protection Officers to understand and adhere to PDPA and the DNC (Do Not Call) registry.

We, at Blue Phish, offer a comprehensive module “Demystifying PDPA” which covers the ‘9 obligations of PDPA’. In addition, we weave in helpful tips for our clients to help meet these guidelines. We also offer whitelabeling of this content and a certification. Honestly, we got your back!

As the circuit breaker continues to be the new normal in our life, the need for online training has undoubtedly increased.

If you are interested or curious to find out more, reach out to us at info@bluephish.asia. Meanwhile, stay safe and healthy.

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