Securing Your Data in The Digital Age

Securing Your Data in The Digital Age

We all share a whole lot of information online in today’s digital age. But hold on a moment, did you know that $4 billion data records have been stolen? 

Of course, you may start asking yourself how can we keep our data safe? How can we avoid being socially-engineered? And amongst all, “Who are the ones stealing this data, why and really how?”.

In collaboration with the National Library Board, Blue Phish is rolling out our brand new webinar titled “How to Secure your identity in the Digital Age“.

Armed with a wealth of knowledge as a cybersecurity specialist, Shaily Shah, Founder & CEO, of Blue Phish brings to you her knowledge in this field. In the webinar, she talks about :


(1) What are the different aspects of your digital identity and footprint?

(2) What is social engineering?

(3) Who are the entities stealing this data and what are their motives?

(4) What are the different methods to secure your digital identity?

Happening on 20th May 2020, 3-4pm, click on the button below now to receive an exclusive link. Remember, registration opens on 15th May 2020.

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